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    Mango Green Tea Popsicles

    My kids love popsicles, ice cream, donuts all the sweet stuff. But especially the sensation of ice cold popsicles is magical to my boys. My youngest often scoops out ice cubes from my drink and eat it. Brain freeze! Instead of feeding my boys with ice cubes, why not make healthy fresh and fruity popsicles without the added refined sugars and dairy? I always have frozen fruits and vegetables in the freezer. Think of mangoes, all kinds of berries (just because they are cheaper than fresh ones, especially in Asia!), banana (excellent for nice creams = banana icecream), avocados (once they are overripe and you don’t have time to eat…

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    Healthy Avocado Moringa Pesto

    Who doesn’t love a creamy flavourful pesto? I certainly do and this recipe is much healthier and cheaper than any store bought pesto. Why? Because there is no added oil at all! I use avocado for creaminess and moringa powder for extra anti-oxidants combined with fresh basil this is your new go to pesto recipe. Healthy Avocado Moringa Pesto Recipe Type: Spread Author: Melissa Senduk Prep time: 10 mins Total time: 10 mins Serves: 1 cup Ingredients 1 tsp moringa powder 1/2 large avocado 1 cup fresh basil 2 garlic cloves 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp sliced almonds or pine nuts 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 3 tbsp filtered…

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    Salmon Poke Buddha Bowl

    As you can read from the title, I can’t decide on whether this next recipe is a Poke bowl or a Buddha bowl. But heck, why not just combine both. A little introduction on these healthy refreshing bowls. Buddha bowls are hippie bowls. Why? Because hippies eat them constantly. You eat these¬†beautiful bowls after¬†practising a yoga class. They are hearty and filling meals made of greens, vegetables, beans, legumes and healthy grains such as quinoa and brown rice. Decorate them with seeds, nuts and a tahini dressing and you are set. Then you have a Poke bowl, what is made from raw yellowfin tuna or salmon, green onions, soy sauce,…