I want to dare you. Yes you. Try this recipe, especially if you are not a fan of beetroot. Beets have the most exquisite color, yet they are not popular among men. It’s true that you have to get used to the earthy, ground flavor, but considering how healthy these little charms are, you should give it a try! It has been linked with lowering blood pressure, boosting your stamina, fighting inflammation and supporting your detoxification process. I’m a juice lover, and we have this habit at home of drinking fresh juice every single morning. My fridge is stocked with fresh fruit and veggies, mostly for juicing purpose. This tradition started when Rocco started to dislike vegetables, say what? Yes, a very common trend amongst toddlers around the age of two, do I hear the terrible two? The little fella refused anything green or veggie like, hence mommy had to find new ways to get those vitamins in his little body. Guess what, from day one he loves fresh juices and not only the fruity ones, but also the ‘advanced’ juices with beets, kale and spinach in it. The secret is to balance the juice containing 60% of fruit and 40% of vegetables. What can I say, even my two year old can appreciate the beetroot, what are you waiting for?

Beet Juice

Serves 3 glasses

  • 1 medium size beetroot
  • 1 large carrot
  • 3 appels
  • small piece of ginger


If you have the Hurom slow juicer, you will get the deep flavors of the vegetables and fruit. However if you use a regular juicer, you still get the juice but it’s less rich comparing to the Hurom. I started with a regular juicer, but after a while I found out that using a slow juicer has more benefits over a normal juicer. Either way you need to wash all your vegetables and fruits and if they are organic, you can leave the skin on. Put everything in your choice of juicer and voila, the magic is done and your juice is ready.