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  • Hey there! I'm Melissa Senduk


    I'm a working mother of 2 boys, a holistic health coach and my passion is helping other working mothers find balance with weight and food without dieting. It's really possible.


    Born in The Netherlands, but found my heart and home in Bali. I'm a life long learner, type A personality and  happiest when I spend time with other mom bosses, teaching all that I know.

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What Others Say

"Melissa really puts her heart into these coaching sessions. This is not only a professional calling for her, but also truly a personal one. We went much deeper than looking at what I ate etc. The sessions went into all the emotional attachment behind it. Some of it was quite confronting, but it was always done with so much compassion and kindness. Much more than I could give myself at that moment. I always felt much better at the end of each session, encouraged and motivated."


Corporate Recruiter

"Every meeting I have with Melissa is always such a mindful moment. We would talk about spirituality, a healthy lifestyle, motherhood and much more. She is such a positive individual and she brings a lot of good energy to people around her. Part of the coaching sessions that I love is about the importance of setting the right mindset and understanding your body & mind connection. This definitely helps me in my my daily life."


Managing Director


Creative Pastor

"I attended a masterclass about self-care and self-love from Melissa. The eye-opening facts that she presented isn’t just something she believes in but also practices wholeheartedly. The integrity that is seen in her teachings sets her apart. Her methods are genuinely aimed towards getting people to love the life they’re given, and living it to the fullest. She showed me the tools I already had within. Tools that I already had but didn’t know existed. We all just need that little help to kickstart our best life yet."


Fashion Designer

"I'm very fortunate to know Melissa. I realised after our coaching sessions how adopting a healthy and happy lifestyle is much easier than I thought. She helped me see that looking after myself and my mind is not only benefiting me but also the people around me. I'm still learning till this day, but I have a much better understanding how to implement this in my daily life. Thank you Melissa! 

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I'm Melissa Senduk, a working mama from Amsterdam  living my dream life in Bali. After two decades of dieting I finally found balance with weight and food, without dieting. Now, I'm teaching you all my secrets!

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