Let’s take a trip down the memory lane. Back in the early to mid 90s, there was a wide attention towards a clay toy called Chia Pets. We may or may not remember, but even if we do remember, we tend to pay more attention to the pets, and not the sprout that comes out of the toy.

At that time, only few people would have noticed that the actual plants of Chia Pets were in fact the one-in-all health resources. It wasn’t just a houseplant for a greener toy in your home. It is a newfound ticket to a fast, healthy weight loss.

Let us break it down for you. These micro seeds are available in two colors, black or white with no difference in terms of nutrition. They were first harvested in Mexico even before century and were used by the Aztec and Mayan tribe as a primary energy source. These seeds are sure exotic due to its historical repertoire involving the near-extinction tribes like Mayan and Aztec.

Despite its ancient history, the power it held lasted to these days, making it only a matter of time to be found again and reused in modern style organic cooking. Sprinkling them on top of a plain yogurt or on top of roasted chicken breast, let us be surprised on how little things do hold the greatest health impact.

Essential Fatty Acid Ambassador

The first must-acknowledge power in chia is the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that belong to essential fatty acids or EFAs. If in the real world we attain EFAs from complex proteins like shellfish that can’t be eaten on a daily basis, chia comes in and closes that gap. By eating complete EFAs regularly here’s what we can expect for our body within a short term.

  1. Healthy heart

Since our body do not naturally produce EFAs, it is important to keeping track on the EFAs we got day to day. EFAs can help protect cardiovascular, nervous, immune, and reproductive system, and it benefits the heart mostly.

  1. No sugar rush but more energy

Just like other types of healthy nuts and seeds, chia also aids the digestion of carbs without making blood glucose spinning out of control and in result, helps producing enough energy. In one tablespoon of Chia, there is a guarantee for all day energy boost, even powerful (and healthier than caffeine).

  1. A good news for taming arthritis inflammation

EFAs, especially omega-3, will provide lubricants for joints. Furthermore, these omega-3s will be processed into prostaglandins that will help reducing pain.

  1. The mind, matters

EFAs and brain membrane cells are buddies. They help the membranes to be more flexible so that nutrients are more absorbable. Neurotransmission also is at bay with chia’s EFAs. These all will make brain focus 10 times stronger.

  1. Worry-free calories

The low calories in chia help EFAs to maximize its function as metabolic boostes and muscle former. Indeed, the best food for detoxification process and diet.


Chia Means More

Think about the nutrients we may have from other health powerhouses, and multiply it by whatever number comes in mind. That can be an accurate explanation on how powerful chia really is. Some of the doubled portion of nutrition in chia is protein and antioxidant.

There is 20% of protein found in chia. It is even larger than what we find in wheat and rice, with the existence of strontium that will change protein into high energy. For antioxidants, chia trumps blueberries in providing it. The antioxidant gives it an ability to stay fresh and good for use in a long time.

One tiny seed of chia also contains iron, calcium, niacin, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. Just two tablespoons of chia equals 7 grams fiber, 2 grams protein, 205 milligrams calcium, and 5 grams omega-3.


Ready to Eat

The small seeds of chia kind of reminded us of sesame seeds. It is a good thing, though, since it requires no preparation at all. Just sprinkle two tablespoons of chia in, basically anything. The flavor is nutty, which is a part of why chia is always a good topping.

To enjoy chia in a different way, try soaking them in water for 30 minutes and see how it evolves into a gel. This gel will still have all the health treasure the seed does, and a delicious mix to porridge or pudding.

One last thing before you over sprinkle things with chia, this seeds are to be taken cautiously in a supplement form, especially if the people who take it are still on high risk for heart disease and under anti-hypertensive medication.