My Story

My Story

I’m a strong believer in nurturing your body with only pure wholesome food which will result in a joyful and happy life. I found out how eating well and feeling amazing were very much connected. Eating healthy, means (for me) mostly plant-based, gluten-free, little dairy intake and as much as possible refined sugar-free. This gives me energy and I’m feeling better from the inside out. This website is all about enjoying all my favourite food in a healthy and wholesome way. Throughout my posts you can read stories about me and my family and my passion for food and life itself!

Especially being a mom of 2 boys, I want to live my best and healthiest life possible. Setting an example and a new standard for my sons and family is what keeps me passionate about healthy eating. Learning and appreciating healthy food was a learning journey for me. I am the first generation Dutch Chinese, raised in a typical Chinese family in Amsterdam where big dinner meals were the way to go. Growing up I struggled with my weight. I tried several diets and trends on food philosophies: Paleo, vegetarian, South Beach, Dr.Atkins and Sonja Bakker to name a few. I tried them for a period of time and would end up tired of the dogma’s and feeling worse afterwards and not gaining long-term results. It is only when becoming a mom, I realised how important and powerful wholesome, healthy and organic food can be to body, mind and soul. For me eating wholesome, is part of a bigger story of living mindful and conscious. Now I learn to listen to my body. We are all different, although many of the diets or healthy lifestyles can work for someone else, where I believe in creating your own healthy food habits without the restrictions of ‘don’ts’ and ‘can’ts.’ I’m not a nutritionist, chef nor a health expert, I just simply love healthy delicious food and strongly believe in powerful, clean, unprocessed food and the benefits it brings. I’ve experienced so many benefits since I’ve started treating my body the right way.

Currently living in Bali, Indonsia with my husband and sons is where my inspiration comes from. Trust me if I say that they are not the easiest crowd to please. This keeps me busy and it challenges me to create healthy yet delicious meals. We love to travel so you will often find some fusion taste in the dishes which makes life and food so diverse and vibrant. My mission is to still hunger for real food as well as hunger for an authentic way of living, through my recipes I want to show you how simple, delicious, healthy wholesome food can be. I will share my personal, some even family recipes that show both my Asian and Western roots. So come and join me in this whole(awe)some journey what I call life!

Eat. Share. Live.

With all my love and gratitude,

Melissa Senduk

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